Specialist Flooring

On occasions Nellakir have been required to replace or repair a range of specialist floorings.

From sprung timber ballroom floors in Heritage homes and locations through to Theatre stage flooring and speciality flooring in Community centres and halls, Nellakir have both the technical ability and understanding to restore these floorings to their former glory and purpose.

Church flooring and the Town Halls in rural locations often enjoyed sprung timber flooring. The floors were designed for the recreations of the times – dances, balls and pageants. Sprung timber flooring is a delight – it provides support and comfort for those participating in such activities, and if necessary it can be laid over the replacement concrete slabs of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Nellakir can assist in the selection of timbers and the support systems available from suppliers. ASF/Horner offer a range of suitable flooring systems.

Alternatively a multi-purpose flooring can be selected whereby the facility can host a range of activities – Gymnastics, Dance Classes, Ballroom Dancing and other interests. Ask Nellakir and achieve the premium result.