The Nellakir Story

About Us

Nellakir has been operational now for over 25 years. Experts in Sports Flooring the business utilises experienced installation and maintenance teams state-wide in Victoria and Tasmania.

Nellakir are expert and experienced in the full construction, structure development and installation of indoor timber sports flooring utilising either stump construction on ground up or slab to finished surface.

Nellakir then activate and provide full ongoing sports floor maintenance programs to ensure the elite timber surfaces continue to function at optimum performance for the lifetime of the flooring.

Nellakir also provide full replacement and refurbishment services for sports flooring including adding timber surfaces using proprietary sports flooring over existing synthetic surfaces.

Manager Rick Allen and his team liaise with Architects, Engineers, Building and Construction companies, School Authorities, Local Councils and in the case of repair or replacement, the relevant Insurance providers and agencies. From simple and humble beginnings as a general carpentry crew, the Nellakir team are now competent installation specialists working off full CAD drawings and planning documents having developed and specialising in the sophisticated sprung timber sports flooring featured at major sporting venues such as the State Basketball Centre and the State Netball & Hockey Centre.

Sports Flooring Excellence

Specifically, the Nellakir team focuses on major flooring construction in high profile sports stadiums and is also called upon to supply the same level of quality and expertise to both Public and Private schools where multi-purpose flooring is specified for sporting activity and indoor assembly areas. Through thorough ongoing professionalism competence and genuine experience on a raft of major projects over the years, the company has gained a formidable reputation in both Victoria and Tasmania as the leading specialists in the provision of and all aspects of high level competition Timber sports flooring.

The Nellakir team have constructed installed and restored sprung timber flooring in churches, school assembly halls and community meeting halls. This is done with the same precision and professionalism require for sports flooring.

Cyclical Maintenance

Sprung Timber flooring requires very specific maintenance on an annual basis to maintain optimum performance as a competition surface. Annual re-coating and resurfacing, re-lining and ultimately after five to seven years a full re-sanding and overall refurbishment keep timber flooring performing at a premium level. Nellakir are experts in such maintenance and provide regular twelve months servicing and then complete overhauls and replacement when and where it may be required. Nellakir ensure that flooring looks and performs to its full capacity. As well Nellakir now provide a scheduled cleaning service for competition surfaces to further protect the court and its performance.