Custom Design Sports Flooring

Nellakir are Victoria and Tasmania’s leading experts in specialist timber flooring. Some locations require customised modifications of the subfloor components of the patented timber flooring systems we utilise to suit the needs of a particular facility. This can range from engineering changes to meet varying surface heights abutting the flooring, through to providing stronger load bearing capacities where flooring supports retractable seating units or heavy plant and machinery.

Church flooring, staging in performance theatres and other unusual applications can be customised to suit the needs of the users. Nellakir are genuinely experienced in such modifications and unique engineering for premium performance of all sprung timber flooring.

Timber overlay systems on existing flooring can be custom designed by Nellakir. An ASF ‘overlay’ will refurbish and rejuvenate an existing dated Timber flooring system, returning functionality and durability for a minimal financial commitment.

For special and custom requirements always enquire with Nellakir for a complete assessment and ultimately a satisfying finished project.