ASF/Horner Sports Flooring Systems

Established over 100 years ago in 1891, Horner flooring is the oldest name in Hardwood Flooring globally.

Today, ASF/Horner provide premium quality Timber Sports Flooring worldwide at affordable rates to leading Sports Stadiums on all continents.

Used at International events such as the Olympic Games (Sydney and Los Angeles), the World University Games, the Pan American Games, the Goodwill Games, the European Championships and since the early 1908s at every NCAA Final Four game and all NBA All Star games. ASF/Horner Sports Flooring systems are without peer.

With superior technology and engineering, ASF/Horner systems provide the very best in performance, structural integrity, stress free maintenance and pure aesthetics.

As exclusive agent and distributor in Victoria and Tasmania, Nellakir can advise on and recommend the most appropriate application of ASF/Horner Sports Flooring for your specific needs.

ASF Horner are the only FIBA approved manufacturer of Timber Sports Flooring systems in the Oceania Region.

[Nellakir uses Australian Hardwood Timber wherever possible. The Australian Hardwood Timber Sports Flooring systems available through ASF/Horner are FIBA approved. ASF/Horner’s Australian Hardwood Sports Flooring is unique in that currently it is the only local Australian Hardwood Sports Flooring Product with FIBA approval.]

Sprung Timber Sports Flooring Systems