Nellakir use ASF/Horner Sports Flooring Systems exclusively.

Stump Thrust Floor System

The Stump Thrust range has been designed to provide three different levels of performance sports flooring.

Player comfort is at a premium with this type of flooring when combined with both the PR™, Stump™ or Thrust-a-cushion™ pads.


These specially designed installations are engineered and designed to suit the specific requirements of the host facilities – building design and architecture, seating and sports activity.

Technical Superiority

The old ‘bearer and joist’ construction has a limit to what can be enabled in design and application.

Stump Thrust provides harder wearing, more resilient flooring and can be utilised for floating area elastic floors and point elastic floor systems. The systems are designed to cater for high point loads acknowledging the DIN18032 Part 2 Standards. As such ASF Horner flooring systems are the only Australian Flooring company to carry FIBA approval for Level 1 and 2 Competitions.

Broad Application

Stump Thrust flooring systems suit those difficult construction situations – sloping sites, hard or rocky ground or even contaminated sites, not suitable for a slab construction which would prove to be a heavy extra expense.

The following Victorian venues utilise Stump Thrust systems.

State Netball and Hockey Centre
Basketball Victoria – Wantirna South
Waverly Netball Centre
Broadmeadows Netball Centre
Loreto College
Veneto Club