Vari Cushion

Vari Cushion by ASF is a specially designed Sports Flooring System. Its purpose is to provide a level of impact force reduction that exceeds the industry standard DIN18032 Part B performance requirements. It does so in providing two separate and distinct levels of shock absorption through utilising the ASF PR Cushion Pad. Kinetic energy transfers comfortably with players and participants enjoying an efficiency in their movements.

The finished floor utilises tongue and Groove flooring machined to ASF’s specifications. It features a subfloor of plywood in 12mm exterior grade layers with A bond glue lines with the inclusion of a termite deterrent additive, again manufactured to ASF requirements. The flooring utilises the ASF advanced PR cushioned pads, manufactured to ASF requirements.

With the ASF Vari Cushion flooring there is a 3mm Aquacaustic cushion timber floor underlay or a 6mm Polyethylene closed cell non-crosslinked PE cushion foam incorporated in the floor profile. Vari Cushion flooring meets and exceeds the MFMA standards for timber flooring in Australia and New Zealand.

The flooring is suitable for Multi Purpose applications as well as Basketball, Netball, Dance, Handball, Badminton, Arenas and Roller Sports.

The flooring is eco-friendly and is available in fully sustainable materials via the PRS Floor Systems program with ASF floors.