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Maintenance of all Sports Flooring
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Nellakir specialise in –

  • Removal and refitting of existing floors
  • Resurfacing of existing floors – sports floors on stadiums, halls and gymnasiums, timber flooring in churches
  • Removal and replacement of stadium seating
  • Annual line marking on sport floors
  • Annual maintenance programs
  • Protective floor covers
  • Re-coating after 12 months on all sprung timber sports flooring
  • Re-sanding of all sprung timber sports floors

Once sprung timber sports flooring is installed it requires regular and correct maintenance.


This is done every 12 months. It replenishes the floor. Sport finishes are designed for grip and the time it takes to wear depends on the amount of use. Re-coating maintains the grip required from the floor for elite sports action and maintains the aesthetic appeal.


Nellakir recommend complete re-sanding every 7 – 12 years. With wear and tear and the build-up of finishes (coatings), re-sanding brings sports flooring back to the original brand new state.


Removal and replacement of sports flooring

After a specified period of time sports flooring will need replacing depending upon usage, upkeep and wear and tear. Nellakir utilise proprietary sports flooring for such replacement and can also replace over synthetic surfaces.

Line marking

For all recommended touch ups, and for re-line marking if regular maintenance touch ups are not carried out. Nellakir also provide line marking for outdoor sports courts and surfaces.


Nellakir provide regular inspections with full reports every 12 months. Fee based costings on any rectifications are estimated and provided. From a public liability perspective this process is highly recommended.

All repairs can be made to stadium seating based on original specifications to ensure required integrity and functionality.

Nellakir (Aust) Pty Ltd is a highly experienced & accomplished company within our industry. We are the Victorian and Tasmanian distributors for A.S.F. Horner Pty Ltd. We specialise in the following areas: Supply and installation of Sprung Timber Sports Floors, Removal and re-fitting of existing floors, Resurfacing of existing floors incl. Stadiums, Halls, Churches etc, Linemarking, Annual maintenance programs, Protective floor covers, Supply and installation of Sports Equipment, Supply and installation of retractable seating and retractable staging, Architectural and engineering specifications.