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From architectural drawings to the first bounce, Nellakir create superb sports flooring surfaces. Specialising in indoor sprung timber flooring Nellakir is the builder of choice for the elite sports surfaces in Victoria and Tasmania.


Nellakir has been contracted to and completed construction on some of the region’s most iconic stadiums. We have provided the indoor sprung timber flooring for the State Netball & Hockey Centre in Royal Park. This facility was built for and utilised during the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

As well Nellakir have built and constructed the sports flooring at the new State Basketball Centre in Knox at Wantirna. This is a state of the art facility and is utilised for all major state and national competition, it was completed in 2012.

Nellakir operates with three teams providing a full construction service in building and infrastructure – either from stumps and ground up or a concrete slab with full timber finish.

Nellakir can initially provide an engineering and feasibility study then facilitate full drawings and plans, following through to full construction.


With access to ASF Horner, our major supplier, Nellakir has access to a range of unique flooring systems. It aligns Nellakir with the full research and development program of ASF Horner and its proprietary products and systems.

In all it provides for a high quality finish developed and implemented with genuine across the board expertise.

Nellakir can provide a full construction service throughout Victoria and Tasmania.

Nellakir for –

  • Supply and installation of sprung timber sports floors
  • Supply and installation of sports equipment for indoor stadiums
  • Supply and installation of retractable seating and retractable staging for indoor stadiums
  • Provision of architectural and engineering specification for sports flooring and retractable seating for indoor stadiums

Construction with Nellakir is well planned, prepared and executed. No holdups, material shortages or waiting – the team offer a professional approach based on sound scheduling and real team work using the absolute best quality timber to ensure a perfect finish on-time and on budget, Nellakir are the professional choice when only the best will suffice.

Nellakir (Aust) Pty Ltd is a highly experienced & accomplished company within our industry. We are the Victorian and Tasmanian distributors for A.S.F. Horner Pty Ltd. We specialise in the following areas: Supply and installation of Sprung Timber Sports Floors, Removal and re-fitting of existing floors, Resurfacing of existing floors incl. Stadiums, Halls, Churches etc, Linemarking, Annual maintenance programs, Protective floor covers, Supply and installation of Sports Equipment, Supply and installation of retractable seating and retractable staging, Architectural and engineering specifications.