Nellakir use ASF/Horner Sports Flooring Systems exclusively.

PR Floor System

Utilising PR™ Cushion pads offers a flooring system that is shock absorbing and reduces fatigue.

ASF feature three such cushion systems offering technically advanced PR Cushion Pads, available whilst utilising a range of both selected Hardwoods or Northern Hard Maple for flooring.

Sustainable Flooring Systems

ASF/Horner Flooring systems offer ‘Sustainable Flooring Systems’ designed to match the growth patterns and sustained availability of natural resources. This involves the substitution of sustainable plantation timber replacing long growth forestry products. It focuses on the flooring system’s life cycle applied to the life cycle of the building housing it and provides a maintenance and cleaning protocol to complement the sustainable (S) program’s implementation.

The ’S’ program can be adapted to both PR and ST flooring options.

These new systems are coded PRS and STS. Ask Nellakir for information and inform us if you require an ’S’ program to be applied to your new installation.

Nellakir uses and approves of ASF/Horner Forestry Certified Flooring.

Forestry Certification (known as Chain of Custody) is available on all ASF Floor systems supplied and installed by Nellakir. This includes a complete certified history of the hardwood flooring supplied.

PR1 Cushion System - Option 1

The ASF/Horner PR1 Cushion System offers the advanced PR Pad, treated or untreated high-load floor battens with selected hardwood flooring affixed directly to floor battens resulting in true durability and stability with ease of installation.

Flooring in finished utilising 75x25mm thick Tongue and Groove flooring, machined to ASF specifications. Where retractable seating is utilised, Nellakir recommend Hi Load ASF Floor Battens (75x50x120mm kiln dried battens). These are designed and manufactured for purpose and load bearing. The system utilises ASF/Horner’s advanced cushioned pads manufactured to ASF’s specifications. The PR1 Cushion System meets and exceeds Australian and New Zealand MFMA standards for Timber Flooring.

The system is used in flooring for Basketball, Netball, Badminton, Squash, Futsal and Multi-purpose flooring and is available in eco-friendly fully sustainable materials.

PR2 Cushion System - Option 2

Utilising the same cushioning and high load floor battens, exterior grade plywood is added over the high load battens giving this system added strength, resilience and stability whilst eliminating ‘dead spots’.

The finished flooring is 75x25mm Tongue and Grove flooring machined to ASF specifications. The subfloor is a 12mm exterior grade plywood with bond glue lines and a termite deterrent additive treatment applied, all manufactured specifically to ASF specifications.

ASF advanced PR Cushion Pads are utilised. The PR2 System meets and exceeds the MFMA standards for Timber Flooring in Australia and New Zealand.

The PR2 Flooring is suitable for Multi-purpose use; Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Handball, Futsal and Squash.

Eco Friendly, the PR2 Flooring system is available in fully sustainable materials via the PRS floor systems package from ASF.

PR3 Cushioning System – Option 3

The PR3 Cushion System utilises two layers of exterior grade plywood. The lower layers are of exterior grade plywood. The lower layer has the PR cushions affixed to the underside with the top layer being affixed to the lower layer. This results in uniform performance, the ultimate in smooth quiet action and overall strength.

The finished flooring is again 75x25mm thick Tongue and Groove flooring machined to ASF specifications.

The subfloor level consists of 12mm thick exterior grade plywood with A bond glue lines and a termite deterrent additive, all manufactured to ASF specifications. It utilises the additional PR Cushion pads manufactured to ASF specifications. The flooring meets and exceeds performance standards set by the MFMA for timber flooring.

This system has broad application and is used for Multi-purpose flooring, Basketball, Netball, Dance Sport, Futsal, Volleyball, Handball, Squash and Badminton.

It is again an eco-friendly application with the PR3 flooring system being available in fully sustainable materials via the PRS floor system package from ASF.