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Nellakir Pty Ltd has been established for over 20 years. It operates with a number of experienced installation and maintenance teams.

We are capable of full building and structure development of indoor sport areas constructing either stumps or ground up or slab to finished surface.

The team then provide a full ongoing sports floor maintenance program to keep the surfaces functioning at optimum performance. We can provide full replacement and refurbishment services for sports flooring including timber surfaces using proprietary sports flooring over existing synthetic surfaces.

Manager Rick Allen and his team liaise with architects, builders, schools, councils and insurance agencies. From simple beginnings as a carpentry crew, the Nellakir team now work off CAD drawings and developed the sophisticated sprung sports flooring featured at major sporting venues such as the State Basketball Centre and the State Netball & Hockey Centre.


Specifically, the Nellakir team focuses on major flooring construction in high profile sports stadiums. Over the years the company has gained the reputation in both Victoria and Tasmania as the leading specialists in constructing high level competition sports flooring in sprung timber.

As well, the Nellakir team have constructed sprung timber flooring in churches, school assembly halls and community meeting halls. They do so with the same precision and professionalism require for sports flooring.


Sprung Timber flooring requires very specific maintenance. Regular re-coating, re-sanding and overall refurbishment to keep constructed timber flooring performing at the optimum level. Nellakir are experts in such maintenance and provide regular 12 months servicing and complete overhauls and replacement when and where required. Nellakir ensure that flooring looks and performs to its optimum capacity.

Nellakir (Aust) Pty Ltd is a highly experienced & accomplished company within our industry. We are the Victorian and Tasmanian distributors for A.S.F. Horner Pty Ltd. We specialise in the following areas: Supply and installation of Sprung Timber Sports Floors, Removal and re-fitting of existing floors, Resurfacing of existing floors incl. Stadiums, Halls, Churches etc, Linemarking, Annual maintenance programs, Protective floor covers, Supply and installation of Sports Equipment, Supply and installation of retractable seating and retractable staging, Architectural and engineering specifications.